Monday, February 21, 2011


I've been slightly MIA when it comes to blogging the last few weeks.  We've been battling the cold/flu, working on school projects, cupcake orders, and to top it off... a brand spankin' new PUPPY!!
Sophie and the new baby, Bo

I can't say that I've been all that great with "goals" so far this year.  My art journal sits on the table with only one entry in it and my closet remains FULL of unworn clothes.  BUT... I have been making better choices with what I'm eating and I've been trying to move more (even if I can't get in regular exercise).  Finding little things (I like to call, "My Favorite Finds") have helped a lot!


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Thomas' Bagel Thins and right now, the Cinnamon Raisin are my FAVS!
WW PointsPlus Value: 3 Points!!
Weight Watchers Cream Cheese Spread in single serving cups are SO convenient!  They are perfect with my Bagel Thins!
WW PointsPlus Value: 2 Points

Last, but not least, Torani Sugar Free Almond Roca Syrup.  My Mom & Dad got me hooked on this stuff when they were here last month!  I heat up some nonfat milk in my frother, add some syrup, and whip up some frothy goodness! Pour into my travel mug, add coffee, and ENJOY!!  Who needs Starbucks with this stuff around! (Don't tell Starbucks I said that!)
WW PointsPlus Value for my Almond Roca Latte: 2 Points

So, my "goals" for this week... I'm not going to stress about the things I don't get done.  I have decided to claim the things that I do accomplish as victories and move on from there!  One step at a time!

Here's to a week FULL of small victories!


Week Five Results: +1 pound
Week Six Results: -2.4 pounds
Week Seven Results: -2.4 pounds

Total Weight Loss: -17.8 POUNDS