Tuesday, August 4, 2009


And the winner is.....

Le Core Femme !!!

Congrats Tonya!! Thanks to everyone who
stopped by to help me celebrate!!

Well, let's get down to business!!
Yes, I was a little better at planning this week.
Dinners - I tried a couple of recipes that I'll share with ya later. Lunches are where I fell short!! I'm focused this week though!

As far as the exercise part goes, I'm happy to say that
I stuck with the 4 days of Wii Active and ended up
walking ALL SEVEN DAYS!! So far, we've maxed out
at 2 miles, but I know that we can do more (Sam is having some leg pain issues)! I'm actually starting to get "urges" to go out and exercise (above and beyond the daily stuff)!!

Sadly, I seem to be stuck at my current weight. I'm feeling great, so I'll take maintaining over a gain any day! I would like this "loser" thing to get rolling again though! All I can do is my best! NEVER GIVE UP!!

Week Fifteen Results: -0 pounds
Total Weight Loss: -21.2 pounds
Determination Level: NOT GIVING UP!



  1. Yay for me! :)

    But even more than that, YAY for YOU!
    ~Yay! You maintained and didn't gain!
    ~Yay! You met and exceeded your exercise goal!
    ~Yay! Your body craves it now!
    ~Yay! You have an awesome outlook!

    Keep up the great work sweetie! I bet you see the results this week from all that walking you are doing.

    Big Huggs!

  2. Keep at it sweet Julie! You look fabulous and I know you are feeling so good!