Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Journey Begins

I don't know how many times I've said it,
"I need to lose weight!".
I've also lost track of how many times I've said,
"I'm going on a diet!".
Well, add this to the list,
"I need to lose weight and
I'm going on a diet!".

I'm SO SICK of seeing pictures like this one!
I'll be 38 next month, I'm 198 pounds and I need to make a change! Instead of hiding from the camera, I've decided to use it to help keep me accountable to my weight loss journey. Even if no one else sees it, I'm going to journal my efforts here and hopefully see results.

My first two weeks, I'm going to work on changing my eatting habbits. I'll be following the Weight Watchers program. Week Three I will incorporate some exercise. I will "weigh-in" once a week and post a picture.

Well, here we go kids! Wish me luck!
Hope I'm a BIG loser!!



  1. Good luck! I need to do this too, but I will be taking a vacation next week, so it is always tomorrow, next week, after the holidays, after Spring break, starting next year with me. But you do this TODAY congrats on that! Perhaps I can join you later.

  2. Thanks LiLi! I'd love to have you along for the ride (when you're ready)!

  3. Yippee for you! He sure you get the online subscription to the Hungry Girl newsletter. I get it and it's an inspiration to me every day!
    Good luck sweet friend!

  4. You can do it! I have been a blog stalker but this really peaked my interest. I, like you, have recommitted myself to loose weight and be healthier. Good luck!

  5. Congrats! Weight watchers is great! Hope you become a big loser..LOL!

    Sand xox

  6. I'm 39 and right there with you weight-wise. It's starting to affect my health & my attitude. Just today, I decided to do it. I don't want to be fat & forty. I've got till November to do it. A few years ago, I lost 30 pounds on WW Online. I'll recommit with you too. Have you ever see the Our Lady of Weight Loss website and/or books? They are great fun!

  7. Hey girls!! I welcome any and all company on this journey!! Let me know if any of you would like to post your progress here too OR if you are posting on another blog, let me know and I'll link it. We can all support and encourage each other!
    Don't forget to "follow" this blog. I'm going to be having a give away soon!

  8. When I came across your BLOG...I thought..that is me and how I feel!!!
    I joined WW online about 2 weeks ago and have yet to stick with it..:(
    I think I am a weightloss gadget... quick fix...junkie! I have tried it all...So I am trying WW for the 2nd time!
    Oh..and my name is Julie too!!!
    Good luck on your Weight Loss Journey...Julie

  9. Count me in Julie...I will let you know my progress here on your blog...I leave for Hawaii in 4 weeks...yikes!