Sunday, April 26, 2009

My First Week

Well, I made it through the first week. For the most part, it wasn't too bad. The biggest help was planning!! I had pretty much planned out my meals Monday - Friday.

I tried some great new recipes and I'll admit that it was good to get back into the kitchen and cook "real" food. I had gotten into the habit of using so many frozen foods that I wasn't really cooking very much. I definitely need to make sure to plan for the weekends too - even if that means a trip to the grocery store on Friday to stock up for the weekend.

Like I said, for the most part it wasn't so bad. Unfortunately, by Friday afternoon I noticed that I had gotten a bit grumpy. My friend asked if it was because I missed my favorite foods - could be. I think that as long as I have plenty of options stocked up here at home, I should be OK. I know that I don't have to deprive myself but I DO need to make better choices.

Three of my yummy choices this week:

Spicy Black Bean Burger - 2 points

The Skinny Cow Low Fat
Ice Cream Sandwiches - 2 points

TLC Pumpkin Pie Fruit & Grain Bar - 2 points

Stay tuned for one of the recipes I tried last week!

Week One Results: -4.6 pounds



  1. That's great Julie! I too love Skinny Cow. I have not gotten on the band wagon quite yet. Have meals planned but, no weigh in. Tell you the truth I am afraid to see what the scale would say. I know I have to just go for it.


  2. holy moly girl,

    thats awesome!!!
    im so proud of you!!!
    woo hoo.
    hey go check out this site
    Kim Caldwell told me about it last night.
    awesome for ww girls.
    i also love hungry girl emails, and the book.
    also the book eat this not that.
    have a fab week


  3. Good doing i am back on my journey too lol finding the momentum is hard i had several weeks where i was sooo good and lostnothing but i know i have to keep going.

  4. okay, I am starting today...I promise!

  5. Thanks girls!!!
    Momentum is a hard thing! I'll admit that I thought of just skipping a day or two this week but I know that I've got to stick with it! Sometimes it seems too hard - it would be easier to just eat an enitre bag of Cheetos for lunch then actually "think" about what I'm going to eat! All I have to do is look in the mirror and realize that I HAVE TO CHANGE!! I don't want to be like this anymore. I know that the longer I do it the easier it will get. So, hang in there with me ladies... WE CAN DO IT!!!

  6. I love the Skinny cow chocolate peanut butter sandwiches- well, I used to. Since my WLS, no ice cream for me!