Tuesday, July 7, 2009

WEEKS 10 & 11

What is is about us girls? Why is it that we have
such a hard time seeing ourselves the way we
really are? I've spent the last two weeks complaining
that I was having a "fat week". Anytime someone would
comment (or compliment me) on my weight loss, I
would respond with a "I feel like a cow" or "I don't
feel like I've lost much". When I looked in the mirror
or at a picture of myself, I didn't see someone who
had lost almost 20 pounds, I only felt defeated.

Well silly girl, SNAP OUT OF IT!! I'm doing fine!!
I'm out of the 180's and only 1 pound from my first
20 pound goal! I'm right on track!! I can do this!
I'm looking good!!

Week Ten Results: -1.5 pounds
Week Eleven Results: -2.5 pounds
Total Weight Loss: -19.0 pounds
Determination Level: HIGH


1 comment:

  1. way to go julie! i have to say i'm feeling the same way, i just want to be able to fit in my favorite comfy shorts NOW!!! it's hard to keep positive, but thank you for sharing, and for cluing me in to hungry girl.com, great site!