Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy 2010!

The good thing about the new year means a clean slate! For almost two months, I fell off the wagon. I tried to keep up with my activity (for the most part), but my eating habits were out of control. I did have some good days and the good news is that I only gained 5.5 pounds during my rebellion! I'll take that because I was expecting WORSE!!

I've spent the last week trying to refocus. Activity-wise, it's been great. Eating-wise still needs work. Maybe I should just wire my mouth shut...

Anyway, it's back to business... no giving up... accept my failures and move on...



  1. Hang in there Julie- you are beautiful!!!!

  2. Hello Miss Julie!

    Good for you~you are an inspiration!

    I sent you an email regarding your address as I have your package ready to send to you.

    Can you email me?