Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Dontcha just hate playin' catch-up?! I know I do. I was doing it last week... trying to catch-up after eating my way through my birthday! On top of that, I had goodie bags to make, a baby shower to plan, swaps and orders to fill AND THEN, my baby boy comes home with a fever! His fever lasted 3 days only to be follow by hives that lasted another 3 days! I pretty much got NOTHING done last week! Don't even ask about trying that workout again!!
I will say that it was nice to be distracted from food. Even though I was stressed, I knew what kinds of food choices to make without having to really think about it. I guess there is something to be said about "practice makes perfect". I'm FAR from perfect, but I'm working HARD to become the "as close to perfect me" as I can be!

(I know! I know! I finally posted another picture of myself!)
Highlight of the week:

I was able to take a break from sick-kiddo duty and head out to Temecula and La Maison Rustique. It got to see the sweet Joy of The Vintage Rabbit and the lovely Sherry of Glamarella Junk (and all the other gals out there)!

All in all, even with all of it's up's and down's, week six wasn't so bad!

Week Six Results: -2.0 pounds
Total Weight Loss: -12.1 pounds
Determination Level: Still HIGH



  1. Keep up the good work and great attitude!! You looked beautiful on Sunday! You have that weight loss glow that I also get when I lose weight!
    I am so in love with my cupckae Dawn doll! You were so thoughtful to make her for me.

  2. hey there sweets,
    dam girl 12 pounds in 6 weeks. thats fantastic!!
    you look gorgeous as usual.
    i love you and the barn girls.
    keep up the good work!!!