Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Well, week five was pretty much a BUST!!
I definitely celebrated my birthday (Thursday - Sunday)!!
Although I didn't stay on program, I did make better food choices than I normally would have. The thing that probably got me the most was the in-between meal snacking... in the car, by the pool, etc.

I was going to skip weigh-in this week, knowing that I had gained. I decided that in order to be true to myself and this process, I needed to face the music. The results of my extended celebration are listed below...

One of the things my husband got me for my birthday was EA Sports Active for Wii. I was SO excited - Wii Fit just wasn't cuttin' it!!
So, Friday morning I got up and got ready for my new workout. I selected the "easy" 20-minute circuit workout. Let me tell you, I don't think that I even made it halfway through. I seriously thought that I was going to die!! It didn't help that my youngest son, Brendan, sat there laughing at me the whole time!! When I could finally catch my breath, I crawled off the couch and turned off the Wii. By Friday evening, I could barely walk and I stayed in that condition ALL WEEKEND!! It's Tuesday morning, and my legs are STILL a bit sore!! MAN AM I OUT OF SHAPE!!!!! I'm not giving up though!! EA Active, I'm comin' for ya!!

Week Five Results: +1.3 pounds
Total Weight Loss: -10.1 pounds
Determination Level: HIGH



  1. Good girl! Don't punish yourself- just get right back up on the wagon!

  2. i have to say wii active just plain looks scarey to me, so i'm giving you a big standing ovation. you are inspiring me.